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GeoQinetiq is fast becoming a leading geophysical, geospatial and logistics solutions provider in Nigeria through the provision of services in the Oil and Gas industry as well as other spheres of the general economy; Seismic acquisition & interpretation activities, turnkey geographic and geospatial solutions, and platforms for the planning, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of such turn-key solutions, strategies and projects .

GeoQinetiq is committed to the development of Nigeria, through the deployment of local Nigerian personnel, actively working alongside those of the leading international companies to create a rich environment for the transfer of technology, namely, the skills and operating practices of the oil, energy and engineering industries in Nigeria.

GeoQinetiq is a private Limited Liability Company 100% owned by Nigerians, formed under the laws of the Federal Republic of Nigeria


Since 2005, we have been fulfilling our vision of becoming the leading geospatial and geosolution provider in Nigeria through the provision of turnkey geophysical and geospatial solutions, adding value to the decision-making and business processes of our clients.

GeoQinetiq is one amongst a few consultancies in Africa that offer clients a one-stop, comprehensive Geographic Information Technology as well as the full gamut of environmental and geophysical acquisition, analysis, interpretation and consultancy services utilizing the most advanced technology, integrated to provide Clients with a total and comprehensive solution.

Our strategic strength lies in our close working relationships with key international industry leaders, enabling effective integration of client objectives with the most appropriate technology, methodologies and service delivery strategies.

Our strategic focus is the provision of geophysical data, and/or information solutions that provide the platform for the planning, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of strategies and projects in all spheres of industry.

GeoQinetiq places emphasis on training and empowering end-users to effectively run and manage all implemented systems, ensuring all clients have long-term project success.

GeoQinetiq has a fundamental understanding of the requirements and immediate needs of developing countries and the social and developmental challenges facing them. As a result, GeoQinetiq takes pride in our unrivalled track record of successful implementations of large and complex projects with diverse stakeholders.

In Nigeria, GeoQinetiq has a tried, tested and proven internal capacity to innovate, which permeates our entire business. This is amply demonstrated in the way we work, from our philosophy of partnering with industry, to a firm belief in relentless innovation, adapting cutting edge technologies to local needs while ensuring that all solutions are deployed from a total quality management perspective and are sustainable.

An integrated, one-stop service for total solutions
Our wide spectrum of international specialists enable GeoQinetiq to achieve seamless integration of varied disciplines and technologies to provide total solutions, offering our Clients the assurance that our solutions will fulfil their objectives while providing long-term value to their projects. The GeoQinetiq team is a dynamic group of dedicated and skilled professionals with years of experience in geophysics, seismology, environmental sciences and Geographic Information Systems’ application and development. Our specialists include geodesists, surveyors, cartographers, scientists, statisticians, engineers, and town planners.

Driving new thinking
Always at the cutting-edge, GeoQinetiq constantly invests in new technology and skills development. Through this investment, Clients are assured that we maintain our strategic advantage in the effective application of the most advanced technology. At GeoQinetiq, lateral thinking, practical experience and acquired technologies ensure our continual innovation and development of new application possibilities and solutions. A further benefit to our Clients is the ongoing improvement of existing management, monitoring and software systems for specific end-user functions.

Meeting the challenges of Africa
GeoQinetiq continues to succeed in the delivery of high technology solutions in Nigeria, providing ample proof of our deep, local expertise and capabilities and proudly succeeding where others have been too daunted to even try. Being a Nigerian company and through our knowledge and experience of Nigeria and her surrounding countries, GeoQinetiq is uniquely capable of creating and implementing appropriate solutions and in overcoming existing barriers and challenges while delivering all our projects on time, within budget and to the required specification.

We view capacity building, skills transfer and training as our social responsibility and this forms a crucial part of every project and its long-term sustainability.

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