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Health, Safety, Security and Environment
GeoQinetiq aims to provide safe and healthy working conditions for our employees, and to minimise as far as possible any adverse effects on the environment. We operate an HSSE management system of international standard with highly experienced and qualified HSSE professionals who establish, implement and monitor our quality management systems.

HSSE training is conducted at the start of and during projects to ensure crew members are educated and kept abreast of health and safety issues. Our commitment is demonstrated through our HSSE policy which states that:

  • The company will provide sufficient and suitable training to ensure that all levels of employees are capable of implementing the HSSE policy
  • The company will provide a CMS comprising of standards, procedures and work methods which systematically identify all hazards within our activities and eliminates or controls the associated risk
  • The company will adopt the concept of line responsibility to ensure that all managers and supervisors implement the policy to the level of their responsibility.
  • This policy shall be widely spread by informing all employees of the needs and methods of achieving policy aims
  • The company will monitor and inspect all places of work, review and report on safety performance and the impact upon the environment and will audit the implementation of health and safety standards, policies and procedures
All employees, contractors and suppliers are required to comply with all company HSSE policies and regulations as a condition of employment / engagement. Effective communication of our HSSE policy and regulations across all levels of the company is a continuous process.

GeoQinetiq always maintains cordial relationships with the host communities in which we work. It is our social responsibility to strive for minimal disruption to the communities and their people and hopefully affect them only in a positive manner.

GQ Camp Management Plan - PDF
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