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PROJECTS : Environmental Engineering
Environmental Engineering
GeoQinetiq has been invited to take part in several flood control and erosion mitigation projects.

Our activities in this area focus on gathering information and data needed to ensure completeness of the proposed mitigation efforts. We conduct thorough engineering feasibility studies and use a step-by-step approach involving on-going evaluations of the efficacy of the chosen mitigation strategies including, but not limited to:

  • Problem description and proposed solution
  • Description of existing condition
  • Preparation of detailed work schedule
  • Conducting Cost-Benefit Analysis for clients
  • Anticipated environmental resource remediation
  • Engineering schematic proposals, coupled with detailed engineering drawings or designs
  • Other related construction/demolition/relocation procedures such as survey, permitting, site preparation, material disposal; and
  • Analysis of and provision for related deployment/project costs such as appraisals, legal documentation, displacement or resettlement costs for settlers, infrastructure, facilities and maintenance of completed projects.
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